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Performance Auto and Diesel - Sales and Dyno Tuning


DYNO TESTING - $75 for 3 pulls
Dyno Tuning- $400 and up

Currently RedShift LLC has the only AWD chassis dyno in Southeastern Idaho. It's a Dynocom DC-15,000X AWD chassis dyno which is capable of measuring more than 2,550hp at  the rear roller, and 2,300 on the front for a total of 4,850AWHP at a max speed of 240MPH. We can test 2WD, FWD, and even AWD. We can use the dual eddy brakes to sync roller speed between the front and rear so traction control systems do not freak out. The eddy brakes are also capable of applying base load for higher horsepower vehicles such as turbo diesels to allow turbo spool and max boost. Many inertia dyno's are not capable of making max boost on high horsepower vehicles. The eddy brakes can vary load to hold a vehicle at a certain RPM under max throttle which is great for tuning, and another feature inertia dynos do not have.

Any time you make a change to your vehicles Volumetric Efficiency (how well air moves in and out of the engine), your ECU should be recalibrated to match the upgrades and optimize performance. Computers are not smart, they just tell your engine what to do based on several inputs. If you make changes, the same set of inputs (engine RPM and Load) will require a totally different set of outputs (injector pulsewidth, ignition timing) than before the changes. Something as simple as a cold air intake with larger diameter pipes can drastically alter the MAF reading, and in extreme cases make the vehicle extremely lean. RedShift can re-scale the MAF to match the modifications you have performed and increase the horsepower and efficiency. Generally a vehicle with simpler modifications will be less expensive to tune than a vehicle with different cams, heads, larger turbo, etc. CONTACT US to discuss your combination and tuning prices.

Dyno Record Holders

DIESEL: 1458hp 2036tq Custom Auto LLC, 2001 Duramax Triple Turbo

GASOLINE: 1017hp 770tq, Adam A, 1981 Chevy LUV turbo

AWD: 586hp 537tq, Shayce V, 96 Eclipse GSX

750hp 550tq, Lee L, 1993 Civic,
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